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Flowers and Vegetables

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BoF Poppies 13m 11"x11"


Chrysanthemum/Black - 13m - 12x12


Chrysanthemum/Burlap - 13m - 12x12


CN Eye of Newt Houndstooth Pumpkin 5"x5" 18M


CN Ivory & Charcoal Scroll Pumpkin 5x5" 18M


CN Kiwi Polka Dot Pumpkin 5"x5" 18M


COD Garden Bouquet 13m


CoP Deer w/ Floral 18m


Deer Valley/Terra Cotta - 13m - 14x10


Mistletoe Kissing Ball 18M - 6" Diameter


Mistletoe Kissing Ball/Red -13M 4x4.25


Mistletoe Kissing Ball/White -18M 4x4.25


Napoleon's Bee Pillow/Green & Cream 18m 10.5" Square


Noel W/ Snow/Green - 18m -4? Square


Pumpkin Cottage - 18m - 11x9'


Rabbit - "Phoebe the Hare” 13m 7x14


Rabbit in Flowers #18 12½"x7¼"


Sweetbriar Eyeglass Case 18m 3.25"x 6.5"