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Stitch your own Bauble stocking. Join Cathy as she introduces you to a few decorative stitches and threads on this beautiful pink mini-stocking.

Cost: $ 260.52
Let's talk about stitches for birds. Join us as we stitch this cardinal by Alice Peterson.

Cost: $ 229.16
We've got a gingerbread house to decorate! There's a candy cane, a tree, hearts and more. Learn some basic architectural stitches and tricks. Fun fibers include Very Velvet, Essentials, Snow, Neon Rays+, and Silk Lame Braid. Join us for some fun embellishments and thread selections. So many thread textures to use! This class will use various threads and will show you how to use different threads on your projects. Cathy will help you to understand how to provide texture and add these elements to any of your projects.

Cost: $ 240.63
Are you afraid of random stitches, such as "Long and Short?" Learn the "Long and Short" stitch technique with this Susan Roberts canvas. Join Cathy Gerachis as she demystifies Long and Short for use on this adorable bunny rabbit. Also learn how to use slanted gobelin on this sweet bunny. Cathy will show you all the techniques to stitch animals like bunnies and how you can make them have texture using various types of thread like Angora and Alpaca. If you want to learn how to do this stitch technique with these threads to enhance your projects, this class is for you.

Cost: $ 187.57
Join us to learn how to attach beads as an embellishment on this snowflake canvas. Learn basic beading techniques such as how to attach beads individually and in rows, starting and stopping beading thread and more.

Cost: $ 199.89
Want to unlock the secrets to choosing the best stitches and threads for your needlepoint projects? Cathy Gerachis will be at Magic City Needlepoint for a one-day embellishment workshop on Saturday, March 11 from 2:00-5:00 PM. Class is limited; be sure to register early as it will sell out.

Cost: $ 75.00
Tuxedo Cat Stitches will be at Magic City Needlepoint from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm for mini sessions (check available dates and times when you click to purchase). Bring your own canvas and Cathy will brainstorm threads and stitches with you. This session will get you stitching on that canvas from your stash. $25 per mini session. Mini sessions are great for ornaments. For larger or more complex canvases, the mini session will get you started. Click on the link above to view dates and times.

Cost: $ 25.00